Ware­house Logistics Operator

Areas of Responsibility

Warehouse logistics operators are responsible for packaging, storing and transporting raw materials, trade goods and finished products. Tasks also include correctly managing stock and safely shipping our products to customers. At Baerlocher, trained operators receive deliveries (including raw materials for production, packaging, merchandise, etc.) of incoming goods and check them to ensure that quantity, model and condition conform to our requirements. The goods are then unpacked and stored. With outgoing goods, operators ensure that products are still safely and securely packed when they reach the customer and that the accompanying documents are attached and correctly filled out. This job requires the ability to safely operate a forklift and routinely use a computer for planning and organizing processes. Responsibilities also include inventory work and working with warehouse calculations. Well-trained warehouse logistics operators are required in nearly every manufacturing industry as well as at companies that specialize in the sale and distribution of trade goods.

Trainee Comments

Timo, 19
Warehouse Logistics Operator
“What I like about my training at Baerlocher is the fact that, as well as working in the warehouse, I spend time in various other departments, such as Shipping and Storage, which allows me to expand my knowledge in these areas. The forklift is used frequently in the warehouse and Baerlocher is covering the costs for my forklift license training, which is carried out here on the premises – a great advantage. At Baerlocher, I work in several warehouses, which allows me to better familiarize myself with the materials.”

An Overview of Your Training Course at Baerlocher

Core Areas of Focus

Receiving goods and checking the accompanying documents

Unpacking, sorting and storing goods

Monitoring inventories and carrying out stock checks

Approving and accepting, packing, loading and shipping goods

Compiling load lists and the corresponding documentation

Labeling, addressing and securing shipments

Optimizing logistical processes and planning and implementing quality assurance practices

Calculating and evaluating key figures

Using technical warehouse systems and devices

Duration of Training Course

The warehouse logistics operator dual course takes three years. Exceptional performance can shorten the length of the course.

Training Location


Additional Training Options

Qualified master in warehouse management

Certified technical business management specialist (IHK)

Employee Benefits

30 days of vacation per year

Extra vacation payment

Christmas gratification/bonus

Company pension scheme

Cafeteria meals at reduced prices


High school diploma with good grades or business school qualification

Good mathematics and physics skills

Highly developed practical skills

Contact Person Lingen/Ems

Ms.  Marion Müller
M | ausbildung@baerlocher.com

Trainee Clip

Angelos, Nils and Fabio and their way to Baerlocher
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