Pipes and Fittings


  • Excellent processing
  • Excellent heat stability 
  • High output rates 
  • Excellent dimensional stability 
  • Low wall tolerances during extrusion 
  • Excellent surface finish 

Baerlocher offers balanced stabilizer-lubricant systems that ensure excellent melt flow properties for PVC processing with high filler content or complex extrusion and injection molding dies.

Extruded PVC pipes and injection-molded fittings are products with excellent technical properties that meet the most demanding economic and ecological requirements. The variety of PVC pipe systems derives not only from the multitude of dimensions, shapes and colors available, but also the many production technologies employed. Specific additives and manufacturing techniques can be used to achieve the best end-product results for a range of different PVC pipe systems: drinking water pipes, sewer and waste water pipes, foam core pipes, corrugated drainage pipes, gutters, irrigation pipes, conduit and cable ducts. PVC additives enable high-quality pipes and fittings to be made efficiently, and impart specific properties to the finished products – such as high mechanical stability and longevity. Characteristics of PVC pipes and fittings include: strength and durability (expected life of 100 years), ease of installation and maintenance, resistance to corrosion, low migration, good mechanical properties, recyclability, very low permeability, high chemical resistance and excellent cost efficiency. In addition to technical and economical requirements, modern society places a high value on sustainability. Innovative PVC pipes and fittings have been developed to meet growing requirements and make PVC even more attractive.


Drinking Water Pipe

Sewage Pipe

Corrugated Electrical Pipe

Smooth Electrical Pipe

Drainage Pipe


  • Profiles

  • Cables

  • Flexible Extrusion

  • Calen­dered Sheets

  • Floorings

  • Plastisol Applications

  • Technical film, food and pharma packaging

  • Foamed and Compact PVC Sheets

  • Pipes and Fittings