• Excellent processibility
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Excellent compatibility with PVC
  • Excellent dispersibility
Stabilizers are added to PVC to allow its processing and to improve its resistance especially in outdoor applications, weathering and heat ageing and have an important influence on the physical properties of PVC finished articles. Factors such as process technology involved, technical requirements of PVC end product, regulatory requirements and cost, influence the choice of the stabilizer used. Baerlocher stabilizers are sold under the trade name BAEROSTAB and comprise single components as well as complex formulations of these basic components. The BAEROSTAB range also includes liquid and solid mixed metal stabilizers for plastisol processing, calendering and flexible extrusion, as well as a range of kickers used in applications such as cushion vinyl flooring. Stabilizer one-packs, sold under the trade name BAEROPAN, are used for the extrusion and injection moulding of both rigid and plasticised PVC. Stabilizer one-packs combine stabilizers (BAEROSTAB) with lubricants (BAEROLUB) and other additives to provide customised solutions. BAEROPAN one-packs are designed to match specific requirements in terms of long term stability and durability along with specific processing requirements.
  • Calcium-based Stabilizer Systems

  • Organotin Stabilizers

  • Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizer

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PVC is an adaptable polymer used in many applications. Baerlocher provides additive solutions in all areas.


The range includes products based on calcium, aluminum and zinc and also BAEROPHOB ECO, a complex metal soap with outstanding features.