Calen­dered Sheets


  • Excellent processing
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Low plate-out properties
  • Low odor
  • Excellent printability
  • Excellent transparency 

In Europe liquid BaZn stabilizers are new standards for these applications. In addition to BaZn stabilizers, modern CaZn stabilizer systems fulfill stabilization requirements. The application field for CaZn is still expanding.

For applications such as food packaging, toys, and tablecloths, special CaZn stabilizers have been developed. Independent from metal base aspects like VOCs, odor, toxicity, and labeling are becoming increasingly important for the processing of films. Where special emphasis is placed on low-odor and emission-free products, mixed metals in powder form are available – as fatty acid salts with good self-lubrication, or as stabilizers based on inorganic co-stabilizers, with varying degrees of self-lubrication for strict odor and emissions standards.

Baerlocher stabilizers for films are developed with regard for the safety and protection of people and environment.
When choosing a stabilizer, the requirements of the final product need to be specified in detail in order to achieve ideal properties and maximize cost performance.


Adhesive Tape

Artificial Foliage

Artificial Leather


Blood Bag

Card Film

Car Dash Board

Car Headliner

Car Slide Door Panel

Furniture Film

Inflatable Devices Film

Insulation Film

Lamination Film

Liner For Cooling Tower

Medical Film

Metallized Film

Paper Finishing

Pipe Insulation Film

Pond Film

Pool Liner

Print Film

Roofing Membrane

Self-Adhesive Film

Shrink Ceiling

Stationery Film

Table Cloth Film

Toys Film

Traffic Signs

Urine Bags

Water Management Liner

Water Proofing Membrane

Window Cling

Window-Frame Film

  • Profiles

  • Cables

  • Flexible Extrusion

  • Calen­dered Sheets

  • Floorings

  • Plastisol Applications

  • Technical film, food and pharma packaging

  • Foamed and Compact PVC Sheets

  • Pipes and Fittings