Baerlocher China

we add character to plastics

Solution Provider in Ca/Zn
Stabilizers for PVC Applications

Specialists in Metal Soaps
and Experts in Product Forms

PVC-Stabilizers liquid

we add character to plastics

we add character to plastics

we add character to plastics

we add character to plastics

we add character to plastics

Your global partner for additives

Baerlocher China contributes as one of the leading environmental friendly product suppliers for PVC cables, Pipes, and chemical construction materials. The talented employees and state-of-art facilities will ensure Baerlocher can develop quality products in time for Chinese customers, and to promote the sustainable development of China’s PVC industry.


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China 213127

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Baerlocher products such as BAEROPAN (additive one-packs for PVC), BAEROSTAB (liquid stabilizers), BAEROPOL (additive systems for polyolefins), BAEROLUB (lubricants), BAEROCID (fatty acids), Ceasit and Zincum (metal soaps) have a worldwide reputation for their high quality standards. The products are available in a wide variety of forms and formulations.
  • PVC-Stabilizers

  • Polymer Stabilizer

  • Lubricants

  • Metal Soaps


  • Fatty Acids / Glycerine

  • Lead one-packs

  • Lead Commodities


Baerlocher is known as a leading producer of additives developed for the processing of PVC products. The company provides solutions for window profiles, pipes, cables, floorings, foils and films, and many more applications – Its focus is on offering a wide range of innovative additives that meet the highest requirements in terms of efficiency, sustainability and quality of the final product.


  • Profiles

  • Cables

  • Flexible Extrusion

  • Calen­dered Sheets

  • Floorings

  • Plastisol Applications

  • Technical film, food and pharma packaging

  • Foamed and Compact PVC Sheets

  • Pipes and Fittings


  • Polymer Applica­tions

  • Rubber Industry

  • SMC / BMC

  • Wood Plastic Compos­ites

  • Recycling

  • Building Industry

  • Grease and Oil

  • Further Applica­tions

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business, with over 190 years experience Our success story