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Shaping the future: Year 201

Shaping the future: Year 201 

2024 has just begun and we are preparing the next big steps ahead. 

We are looking forward to continuing our dialogue with you on fairs and exhibitions all around the world. Baerlocher will be present e.g. at the NPE in Orlando, USA and the Vinyl India in Mumbai 2024.

There are ever-growing strong successes of our leading Calcium-based product lines in all regions, because for us, being and becoming the perfect match means delivering value as trusted advisors for our customers and partners. 

Furthermore, we create further inroads for additive systems supporting the polymer recycling industry and offering PFAS – free alternatives for polymer processing aids.  

Additionally, we continue to invest in reducing our carbon footprint by establishing further internal transparency and increasing our solar energy capacity significantly.  

200th anniversary: a short retrospective 

Baerlocher looks back on its exciting 200th anniversary. 2023 was full of corporate milestones such as the opening ceremony for the new low emission plant in Dewas (India), a new special additives (SPA) lab in Lingen (Germany), a new application lab in Akhisar (Turkey), and the launch of our new global intranet platform BAER360.  

Moreover, this year has witnessed 3rd generation shareholder Dr. Tobias Rosenthal succeeding Dr. Michael Rosenthal as Chairman of the Baerlocher Advisory Board. 

Celebrations concluded with a grand digital event, as Dr. Tobias Rosenthal and Baerlocher Group CEO Arne Schulle invited customers, partners and employees world-wide to learn more about current as well as future trends & transformations. We also emphasized what makes each of our legal entities special. 

Click here you can watch the full digital event pf Baerlocher 200th anniversary!

Selected content including an interview with Brigitte Dero (VinylPlus) is also orchestrated on our anniversary retrospective site.

Let us entertain you!  

In our magazine “the perfect match” and in our anniversary film you can learn everything about our long history going back to 1823.  

If you want to learn more about how Baerlocher cultivates long-term stability while contributing to shape our industry towards sustainability, jump over to our Story-Hub. The true meaning of our philosophy “local in presence and thought” is also unfolding here. Besides you will get to know Baerlocher sites and employees in Asia, the Americas and Europe.  

Thus, 2023 ended with an unmistakable message: For our customers, Baerlocher will remain a trusted advisor and the perfect match on all levels. 

Baerlocher wishes you a great and successful 2024!