• Excellent processing
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Excellent weatherability and impact resistance
  • Excellent initial color and color fastness
  • Excellent plate-out properties

Producing the exact colors specified is a key quality criterion in the manufacture of white window profiles. To this end, Baerlocher has developed stabilizer/lubricant one packs with outstanding dynamic thermal stability.

All Baerlocher stabilizers support the required UV resistance for windows.

PVC has demonstrated its versatility as a raw material for the production of general technical profiles and window profiles inparticular, and enables a multitude of construction and design possibilities.

PVC offers excellent environmentally friendly qualities, and inherent structural and design advantages over other materials, including weather and impact resistance, excellent heat insulation and noise protection, long service life and low maintenance costs. The fact that PVC can be recycled several times over helps improving  the ecological footprint. Important applications are window profiles and frames, cladding profiles, roller shutters, electrical conduits and roofing systems. 


White Window Profiles

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General Purpose Building Profiles

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Foamed Profiles (free foam or celuka)

Coextruded Foam Profiles

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  • Cables

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  • Floorings

  • Plastisol Applications

  • Technical film, food and pharma packaging

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