Legacy, present and future

Explore our rich history in three exciting chapters and learn why Baerlocher can celebrate its 200th anniversary in every sense of the word.

Long-term stability over generations

Founded 200 years ago in 1823, Baerlocher remains a family-owned company with a long-standing tradition in the additive industry and a focus on generations to come. Along our way to become what we are today, many milestones have successfully been reached by our committed team of experts, contributing to our success story. Entrepreneurial progress and tradition characterize the history of the Baerlocher Group of Companies. Developing our company and products over a time-span of 200 years amounts to 200 years of change, but also of profound expertise.

New experiences may change the content of values or the balance between values. But there are values we consider vital and which therefore always remain constant. These are: Respect, Integrity, Excellence - the hallmarks of Baerlocher’s corporate culture.

Shaping our industry towards sustainability

As a family-owned business this vision defines the direction into the future and our responsibility on the way forward. As one of the leading additive suppliers we offer state of the art technology and services for polymer and non-polymer industries and support the sustainability journey of our customers. We embrace change driven by digitalization and also keep a close eye on the need to protect natural resources. Therefore, we continuously and proactively search for more sustainable raw materials and create transparency by communicating our targets regarding the sustainability of our products and production.

Our local and global teams work diligently to improve our portfolio of products and services, thereby building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. We are convinced that the circular economy will only work effectively and efficiently if based on strong partnerships along the value circles. That is why we are actively looking for new long-term partnerships and provide expertise and support to our partners on a global scale with strong regional teams. We are globally engaged in associations and networks to drive the science-based discussion within our industry and with all stakeholders to define the standards and regulations for the future of the industries we are active in.

Local in presence and thought

With manufacturing companies, joint ventures as well as sales networks strategically allocated around the world, the Baerlocher Group ensures to be close to customers and aims at sustainably supporting their growth. For Baerlocher, being a global company, it is essential to be local in both presence and thought. Our employees continue to make Baerlocher a reliable and trusted advisor. We continuously develop our network to enable our team to serve our customers not only with short and regional supply chains but also by ensuring presence in the local markets and understanding their requirements to provide tailored additive solutions. This local approach is combined with global expertise and quality standards as well as the continued exchange of best practice and know-how.

That is why Baerlocher is and will continue to be a strong Group of Companies - a resilient, innovative and evolving network of trusted advisors and experts serving our customers in the best possible manner.

As an employer and business partner, we bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. Cultural diversity, mutual respect and openness characterize our corporate culture as a family business. Tolerance toward other cultures and an unbiased solidarity with our colleagues from all over the world are part of the DNA of our company.

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