Organotin Stabilizers
By far the largest use for tin compounds is in the stabilization of PVC. Contrary to North America, where tin systems are used for almost all-rigid PVC applications, the main usage in Europe is for rigid, transparent applications where rigorous processing conditions require an outstanding stabilisation.

In addition to maintaining high transparency, tin stabilizers also provide a very good early color (no yellowing) and very good color retention (delay of yellowing). Due to their fast and complete mechanism of stabilization, tin stabilizers are also suitable for use in opaque applications and particularly where light colors are required, or when process requirements are demanding (thick plate extrusion, furniture films).

Additionally, tin stabilizers provide a very good processability with high through put and no plate out. Moreover tin stabilizers are approved for use in food contact applications, potable water applications and some tin stabilizers are approved for use in rigid medical applications.   Examples of applications where tin stabilizers are widely used are: calendered films for pharmaceutical or food packaging, foils such as credit cards, sheets and sidings, extruded pipes and profiles, extruded blown films, injection moulding fittings and other technical articles.
  • MC Powder

    • small particles, high active surface area
    • good dispersability in final applications
    • good compatibility with powder blends
    • medium bulk density
  • Liquids

    • dosage accuracy
    • easy storage in tanks
    • easy homogenisation in polymers and with other ingredients
    • quick and safe flow through pumps
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