Areas of Responsibility

Trained chemical technicians are primarily employed in the chemical industry, but may also find work at nuclear and hydroelectric power stations. The range of tasks is extremely varied and covers everything from the manufacture of chemical products at large-scale chemical plants to smaller maintenance measures for manufacturing facilities.

Chemical technicians at Baerlocher are responsible for operating and managing manufacturing facilities, using for instance a process management system. Quality monitoring and assurance is important here. In addition, they supply systems with raw materials, monitor the production process and record minute books. Chemical technicians are also responsible for starting and shutting down, servicing and cleaning the technical systems, some of which are enormous. Their work also includes activities in the control room and at the control terminals.

The skills acquired with a chemical technician qualification also prepare you for careers in related fields, for example as a pharmaceutical technician or lab assistant, or in brewing.

Trainee Comments

Dennis, 20,
Chemical Technician Trainee

“My practical training at Baerlocher was carried out at all the manufacturing facilities so that once I was finished I would be able to work within any of the company’s areas of production. I was able to learn quickly and benefit from the knowledge of experienced colleagues at the various training sites.”

An overview of your training course at Baerlocher

Core Areas of Focus

Working with chemicals on a large scale

Manufacture of chemical products

Production facility monitoring and management

Working with production systems and equipment

Maintaining production facilities

Carrying out quality assurance measures

Application of work safety and environmental regulations

Application of safety and environmental regulations in transport and storage of materials

Use of protective equipment

Basic electrical engineering, quality management and lab training

Duration of Training Course

The chemical technician dual course takes 3 ½ years. One year of chemistry at the vocational school will be recognized as the first year of training.

Training Location


Additional Training Options

Master in chemistry

Certified technician (chemical engineering)

Engineering course (chemical or process engineering)

Employee Benefits

30 days of vacation per year

Extra vacation payment

Christmas gratification/bonus

Company pension scheme

Cafeteria meals at reduced prices


High school diploma

One year of chemistry at a vocational school

Good skills in chemistry, mathematics and physics

Contact Person Lingen/Ems

Ms. Marion Müller
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Trainee Clip

Angelos, Nils and Fabio and their way to Baerlocher
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