Tech­nician for Industrial

Areas of Responsibility

Electronics technicians install measurement and control, as well as energy supply, communications and drive technology systems and equipment. They put the machinery into operation and maintain and service it. Your training course at Baerlocher will make you an expert in the correct installation, activation, servicing, inspection and maintenance of our electrical machinery and drive systems. Following your training course, your responsibilities will include the assembly and wiring of switching devices and automation systems, as well as the safe use of electropneumatic and electrohydraulic components. You will be required to modify and expand equipment as well as program and configure systems. Additional tasks include troubleshooting and the activation of machines and systems. After the training program you should have no problem manufacturing components and assembling modules, devices and systems.

Trainee Comments

Philipp, 20
Electronics Technician Trainee

“What I like most about the training at Baerlocher is that I have the opportunity to work on equipment and their control systems both on my own and, with more difficult tasks, under supervision and as part of a team. By spending time in all the various production facilities, I’ve been able to gather valuable experience, and to gain confidence through carrying out successful repairs and system activations.” 

An Overview of Your Training Course at Baerlocher

Core Areas of Focus

Business and technical communication

Planning and organizing work, evaluating resultse

Installing and connecting electrical operating equipment

Measuring and analyzing electrical functions and systems

Assessing the safety of electrical systems

Installing and configuring IT systems

Analyzing technical orders, developing solutions

Servicing operating equipment

Installing and activating electrical systems and equipment

Configuring and programming control equipment

Using protective equipment

Duration of Training Course

The electronics technician dual course takes 3 ½ years. One year of electrical engineering at the vocational school will be recognized as the first year of training.

Training Location


Additional Training Options

Master in electrical engineering

Certified technical business management specialist (IHK)

Engineering course (electrical engineering)

Employee Benefits

30 days of vacation per year

Extra vacation payment

Christmas gratification/bonus

Company pension scheme

Cafeteria meals at reduced prices


High school diploma with very good grades

One year of electrical engineering at a vocational school

Good mathematics and physics skills

Contact Person Lingen/Ems

Ms. Marion Müller
M | ausbildung@baerlocher.com

Trainee Clip

Angelos, Nils and Fabio and their way to Baerlocher
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