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Recognizing sustainability – Baerlocher receives RSPO SCCS certification

Baerlocher has always been committed to providing sustainably produced products, and to the principles of the Responsible Care initiative. Following audits in July 2015, the company was awarded RSPO SCCS certification for its metallic stearates and stearic acids. These products are manufactured in line with the Mass Balance (MB) system.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was established by WWF and partners to promote the sustainable cultivation, production and use of palm oil. Members of the RSPO include environmental protection organizations. The group primarily comprises companies and institutions with a stake in the palm oil value chain – for example, plantation operators, suppliers and retailers, and companies, such as Baerlocher, that purchase palm oil for processing and manufacturing.

The RSPO members jointly define and promote the use of global standards for sustainable palm oil. Currently, 11.6 million metric tons of the world’s palm oil, or 20 percent of the market, is produced in line with RSPO standards.

The chemical industry is a major consumer of palm oil and its derivatives. Baerlocher uses them in the production of its Baerocid stearic acids, its Ceasit (calcium stearates) and Zincum (zinc stearates) product lines, and for other metallic stearates.

By joining the RSPO and gaining the corresponding certification, Baerlocher is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. As Andreas Holzner, Global Head of Baerlocher’s Special Additives business unit, explains, “Human beings are part of a wider world that must provide future generations with intact ecosystems. That is why sustainability, eco-friendly production, and protecting humanity and the environment are key aspects of our company philosophy.”

For additional information, visit: www.rspo.org