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Baerlocher UK makes significant investment in safe and sustainable logistics

All of Baerlocher’s decisions and activities are supported by a clearly defined set of company values such as trust, excellence, improvement, integrity, safety and quality. These virtues are evident in the company’s attention to the needs of its customers and employees, and in its commitment to innovation, sustainability and the principles of responsible care. Such standards helped guide the company’s decision to invest in a new truck for Baerlocher UK: the new Mercedes Benz Actros 2551, a symbol of Baerlocher´s values. Among the GigaSpace truck’s many safety features are Proximity Control Assist and an innovative cruise control system, called Predictive Powertrain Control, which scans the road ahead through digital 3D mapping and GPS data. Aware of the road conditions, the truck shifts gears and changes speed so that its EcoRoll system can limit diesel consumption and CO2 emissions as efficiently as possible. The luxuriously designed cabin also makes the driver’s work much easier. The leather seats are comfortable, and the cabin is fitted with a wide bed, ambient lighting, a refrigerator and microwave oven and more. More information about the new truck is available here.