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Baerlocher makes a strong showing at the Plastic Pipe Conference in Las Vegas

One of the year’s most important gatherings of the global plastic pipe industry took place from Oct. 24-26 in Las Vegas. The Plastic Pipe XIX Conference and Exhibition (PPXIX), a conference series organized by the Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA), is focused on current developments and trends in the production and use of plastic pipes. Baerlocher has been one of the main sponsors of the conference series. More than 400 delegates from approximately 210 companies attended the PPXIX to review 93 technical papers, network at a global level and connect with the 34 exhibiting companies. Held in the United States, this year's conference drew more than half of its attendees from North America (54 percent). Europe sent the second-most representatives, with 23 percent of participants, followed by Asia (mainly China) at 15 percent. Countries new to the event included Romania, Botswana, Columbia, Peru and others. Well-received update on PVC stabilization
Industry experts shared their knowledge and experience from the global manufacturing industry during a series of brilliant presentations as well as at a forum. In his very well-received presentation, Dane Tallen, Technical Sales Manager of Baerlocher UK, updated the audience on global trends in PVC stabilization and lubrication for pipes and their implications for recipe design.
Baerlocher’s attractive booth in the hall, manned by sales staff as well as technical experts, welcomed representatives from PVC and polyolefin pipe manufacturers. Baerlocher, a leader in PVC with a strong footprint in polyolefin pipe market
Baerlocher, recognized globally as one of the leading suppliers of additives and raw materials for the PVC industry, also has a strong footprint in the polyolefin sector.
Baeropol RST, for instance, is a line of customizable additive blends that work synergistically with phenolic antioxidants to stabilize polyolefin resins. These products are suitable for a broad spectrum of polyolefin applications. Furthermore, Baerlocher produces stearates as an acid scavenger for the production of polyolefins. “The Plastic Pipes Conference in Las Vegas was the perfect networking platform for both our PVC Business Unit and our Special Additives Division,” said Gary Conroy, Head SBU PVC Additives North America at Baerlocher. “This highly professional event with a global reach confirmed our PVC strategy in the United States and enabled us to further strengthen our position in the polyolefin pipe industry.” The PPCA has already announced that the Plastic Pipes XX Conference and Exhibition will be held in Amsterdam in 2020 from Sept. 21-23. Two spinoff events will take place in Guangzhou, China, in September 2019 and in Sydney, Australia, in November 2019.
By courtesy of Plastic Pipes Institute
By courtesy of Plastic Pipes Institute
By courtesy of Plastic Pipes Institute