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Baerlocher’s splendid appearance at National Plastics Exhibition 2018 in Orlando

The National Plastics Exhibition 2018, held in Orlando, Fla., from May 7-11, was the largest in the show’s history, with more than 2,180 exhibiting companies occupying more than 100,000 square meters of exhibit space. The event attracted a record crowd of more than 65,000 manufacturing professionals from every segment of the plastics industry and its vertical markets, including more than 11,000 international attendees from 121 countries. The exhibition has been organized by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), formerly SPI, for the past 70 years. Baerlocher USA’s attractive booth drew a lot of attention, with its large graphics and five video screens presenting information on Baerlocher products serving the PVC and polyolefins markets. The booth was staffed with Baerlocher employees representing both the technical and commercial groups within the company. Visitors to the Baerlocher booth comprised a good mix of existing and prospective customers, and people with technical inquiries and commercial interests. While the majority of the visitors came from the NAFTA region, a significant number were from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Interest in PVC and non-PVC polymer stabilization was equally divided. Recycling and the circular economy were hot topics. Visitors were also interested in the role that Baerlocher´s RST platform of stabilization products plays in helping to promote polymer reuse and the partial replacement of phosphite stabilizers. Concurrent with the NPE, the Plastics Industry Association held its annual Re-Tech conference, where technical papers are presented on a large variety of polymer-related topics. Baerlocher's Dr. Robert Sherman gave a presentation on the use of metal soaps as additives in the polyolefins market. Dr. Sherman also chaired the subcommittee on polymer additives and was elected chairman of this important PLASTICS committee for the 2018 term. Overall, the show was a big success for Baerlocher USA and the response from show attendees and the plastics media was very positive. “Our presence at the NPE conveyed the Baerlocher message that we are a major player in the polymer market, that we embody a strong technical expertise on the stabilization of polymer materials, and are supporting the future needs of the polymer industry,” said Edward Hall, chief executive officer of Baerlocher USA. “Baerlocher is well-positioned in the market to take advantage of several emerging trends, including the circular economy and the reuse of polymers. Our RST portfolio of products is poised to provide the answers.” The success of the NPE reflected that the polymers market is in a very good condition. The business atmosphere was very positive and new polymer production capacity was indicative of the strong polymers markets in NAFTA. The reports by equipment manufactures of record order placement at the show was another reflection of the positive polymers markets.