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Baerlocher with brilliant performance at Feiplastic in Brazil

Feiplastic 2017, the biggest exhibition for the plastics industry in South America, took place in São Paulo, Brazil, from April 3-7. The biennial event was held at the new Expo Center Norte, one of the most modern pavilions in Brazil. As a leading player in the additive sector in Brazil and throughout most of Latin America, Baerlocher presented itself with a prestigious stand of 110 square meters at a prominent location. The booth was inspired by the company´s appearance at the K-fair in Duesseldorf last October. To provide international visitors with information on the latest products of the company in the Argentine and Peruvian market, Baerlocher do Brazil invited the teams of the group companies Lestar Quimica Argentina and Cia Quimica Peru. The Brazilian market has been in a recession since the end of 2015 and PVC consumption fell below 1 million tons, primarily due to greatly reduced construction activity. As a result, the visitors were mainly interested in cost-efficient solutions that would enable them to remain competitive. Baerlocher’s products offer a wide range of options in this regard. Another field of interest was the transition from lead to Ca-based stabilizers. While the process has already been completed in Brazil, visitors from other countries wanted to benefit from Baerlocher's extensive experience in this area and to learn about global regulations. The meetings also indicated the significantly increased interest in stearates and fatty acids offered by Baerlocher as well as in additive solutions for the recycling sector. “The Feiplastic once again showed the confidence of the Brazilian plastics industry in overcoming the present difficulties so it can rebound in 2017/2018,” said Juarez da Silva Costa, president of Baerlocher do Brazil.