Hydroge­nated Fats

Typical Product Characteristics

  • Melting point: 50 – 54 °C
  • Iodine value: Max. 1 g J2/100g 
Animal fats and vegetable oils can be hydrated in order to make them more resistant to oxidation. They can be used in lubrication applications, as processing aid for EPS and as raw material for the candle production. They are available as sprayed granules and in liquid form.

Hydrogenated Fats

Trade Name


Product Form


Animal based

Sprayed Prills


Vegetable based

Sprayed Prills

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Product forms

Hydrogenated fats are available in liquid product form as well as sprayed prills that are easy to disperse and free-flowing.
  • L Liquids

    • dosage accuracy
    • easy storage in tanks
    • easy homogenisation in polymers and with other ingredients
    • quick and safe flow through pumps
  • SP Sprayed Prills

    • very low dusting
    • absolutely free flowing granules, compatible with powder blends
    • very high bulk density
    • high feeding accuracy
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