Typical Product Characteristics

  • Glycerine content 997 B: 99.7 %
  • Glycerine content 865 B: 84.6 – 88.5 % 
  • Colour (APHA): Max. 10.0
Glycerol or glycerine is the most commonly used name for Propan-1,2,3-triol. Glycerine made by the separation of fats is chemically always identical, regardless of the fat grade/type used. It is a colorless, odorless viscous liquid with a sweetish taste and non-toxic. It is miscible with water and alcohol in any possible ratio. Due to its properties, glycerine can be used in many different technical applications, for example as raw material for the manufacturing of alkyd resins, as plasticizer for polyurethane (PU) as antifogging agent, heat carrier fluid or refrigerant.

Glycerine products

Trade Name


Product Form


Fully refined technical grade



Technical grade


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Product forms

Glycerine products are available in liquid form only.
  • L Liquids

    • dosage accuracy
    • easy storage in tanks
    • easy homogenisation in polymers and with other ingredients
    • quick and safe flow through pumps
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