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EREMA, Baerlocher and APK Take On Recycling Challenge Live at K Show

Düsseldorf, Germany – October 17, 2019 – EREMA, a globally-leading supplier of recycling machinery, will host live demonstrations in their Circonomic Centre throughout the K Show. Different case studies will show how various recycling challenges are tackled along the value chain before a product is finally realized. For one case study, the recycling technologies company APK and additive producer Baerlocher have joined in to share their contribution to the circular economy. Recycling the film fraction of post-consumer plastics presents a challenge. Even with careful raw material preparation in a modern recycling facility and with state-of-the-art equipment, the end-product may only be suitable for simple injection molding or extrusion applications. The problematic step is the reprocessing, which requires melt filtration through fine filters to get rid of contaminants. The material is exposed to very high temperature that frequently renders the polymer useless for film blowing. To avoid this, it is key to re-stabilize the recyclate to protect the polymer during the melt filtration and the following processing step. Joined Forces to Optimize Upcycling
With the live demonstrations, EREMA, Baerlocher and APK want to highlight how the combined know-how of machine manufacturers, additive suppliers and processors enables upcycling of low-value consumer film waste into a product again suitable for film blowing.
EREMA will use an INTAREMA TVEplus film recycling line, as installed at APK, to demonstrate how a small add-on, a KOCH-Technic Feeder, can expand the number of business cases the machinery can take on even further. This feeder is used to introduce a one-pack additive of the BAEROPOL® T-Blend family of products from Baerlocher into the process. The pastille form of Baerlocher’s BAEROPOL® T-Blend is an important enabler to bring the additive dimension into recycling. This product form is dust-free and blends well with other granular materials, which makes it very easy to feed through the KOCH-Technic Feeder connected to the INTAREMA TVEplus. Improved Processability Renders Recyclate Suitable for Demanding Applications
By combining the best in terms of processing equipment with a unique additive concept, APK has been able to maximize the added value they bring into their product, now commercial as Mersalen® RCY LDPE, which can be used in demanding applications like construction films.
What would have become a product generating frequent bubble breakages, pin holes and brittle material, now performs like virgin materials. The demonstrations will take place in the EREMA Circonomic Centre, Outdoor area FG 09.1, at the following dates:
– Tuesday, October 22, from 10.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.

– Wednesday, October 23, from 10.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.
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