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Circular economy was trend topic at K 2022 – Baerlocher drives development through industry alliances

K 2022 made Düsseldorf the meeting place for the global plastics industry from 19-26 October and it was a very special occasion: for the very first time in three years, it was possible to share views on the latest technical developments and industry trends in person.

Some 176,000 visitors arrived primarily from Europe, North America, Brazil and India. Due to Corona-related restrictions, fewer visitors came from East Asia.

Of these, 57 percent – five percent more than at K 2019 – expressed special interest in raw materials and additives, with a particular focus on recyclates and bioplastics. At the Baerlocher booth in Hall 5, the international team of the company answered all questions about additives for processing recycled plastics.

Arne Schulle, CEO of the Baerlocher Group, comments: “Baerlocher plays a leading role in the plastics industry when it comes to sustainability and the circular economy. This is also demonstrated by our cooperations with key players from various industries..” Baerlochers efforts regarding sustainability are summarized and made transparent in the sustainability report for the Baerlocher GmbH as well as global ratings by EcoVadis. Special emphasis is given to the recently achieved VinylPlus® Supplier Certificate for the Baeropan and Baerostab families of products - – high-performance stabilizers for a wide range of PVC applications. The Certificate is part of the VinylPlus product label that aims at empowering consumers to make informed choices. Arne Schulle explains: “We are delighted that through this certification we can now express the sustainable character of our products and our role as partner to shape the industry towards sustainability.”

During the show Baerlocher communicated its collaboration with Envision Plastics, Bekum America, W. MÜLLER and ExxonMobil Chemical on various polyethylene (PE) initiatives.

Baerlocher is also cooperating with Revolution, a recycler based in Arkansas (United States), for example. The aim is to develop new, higher-performance PCRs for film applications and to improve the quality of the recycled material used in PE films.

Visitors to K 2022 were able to gain a hands-on impression of the processing of recycled plastics during live demonstrations at Erema's Circonomic Centre.

Erema and Baerlocher, along with recycler PreZero and W. Müller, a manufacturer of extrusion blow heads, presented how lower-value plastic waste can be processed to produce high-quality packaging. Demonstrations showed the benefits of adding Baerlocher's Baeropol T-Blend stabilizers to recycled high-density PE (HDPE) for extrusion-blown bottles (EBM).

With all the business subjects, socializing was not lacking either. The party at the Baerlocher booth on the second day of the fair is already legendary. Entertained by the music of the "Original Blues Brothers Doubles Show", customers, partners and the Baerlocher team relaxed with finger food and drinks.

About Baerlocher:

The Baerlocher Group is a leading manufacturer of additives for the plastics industry. Its portfolio includes a broad range of stabilizers and other additives suitable for a variety of polymer and non-polymer applications.

Baerlocher USA delivers tailored solutions in a reliable, supportive, and ethical manner by investing in our people, customers, and markets while adapting to changing needs.

Baerlocher embraces the principles of responsible care. It operates an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001. Baerlocher plays a positive role in both the business community and society as a whole. This includes work within industry associations, and the provision of training opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

The Baerlocher Group has production plants around the globe and operates a sales network serving all major countries. 

Baeropan, Baerostab and Baerolub are registered trademarks of Baerlocher.

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