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Pipe XI Conference in Johannesburg: PVC pipe industry in South Africa almost completed transition to Ca/Zn stabilizers

The Pipe XI Conference, which took place on Sept. 4 and 5 near Johannesburg, South Africa, is a spinoff of the Plastic Pipe Conference, the leading conference on current developments and trends in the production and use of plastic pipes. As one of the leading suppliers of additives for the efficient production of high-quality PVC pipes, Baerlocher has been one of the main sponsors of this conference for years.

Organized by the South African Plastic Pipes Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA), in collaboration with the Plastic Pipe Conference Association (PPCA), the event drew 300 participants from Africa and all over the world.

Speakers discussed topics such as the design, installation and lifecycle of plastic pipes; the optimal raw materials and additives; and sustainability, standards and certifications.

Dane Tallen, Technical Sales Manager at Baerlocher UK, impressed the audience with his presentation “Highlights on PVC Stabilization for Pipes — Comparison and Trends.” Baerlocher was also represented at a stand in the hall. Dane Tallen, Technical Sales Manager; Andrew Tate, Head of PVC Additives EU/MEA; Fatih Aksoy, Sales Manager PVC Additives Turkey, Middle East, Africa; Metin Efe Tunali, Regional Sales Manager Africa; and Byron Stanley, General Manager of Baerlocher's representative, Scinergy Chemicals, discussed Baerlocher’s wide range of PVC additives for plastic pipes with attendees.

“The conference was a great success for the participants, as well as for the Baerlocher team. The two days were very informative, and we were able to make a number of promising business contacts,” Tate said.

The economic outlook for South Africa has deteriorated during the year. Nonetheless, the demand for plastic pipes is growing, according to SAPPMA, especially in the areas of water supply and sanitation. Growth opportunities are also emerging in the field of natural gas supply, as well as in the expansion of telecommunications networks.

South African customers consider Baerlocher as a reliable partner, providing its globally recognized experience to the local market. Thanks to the company’s professional knowledge and the outstanding quality of its additive solutions along with its local partnership with Scinergy, Baerlocher has strengthened its reputation as a trustworthy partner during the almost completed transition to Ca-based stabilizers in the region.

Photo credit: David Ceruti, david@dcphoto.co.za
Photo credit: David Ceruti, david@dcphoto.co.za
Photo credit: David Ceruti, david@dcphoto.co.za
Photo credit: David Ceruti, david@dcphoto.co.za