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Products for PVC applications

The Baeropan® product line comprises stabilizer/lubricant compounds – also known as one-packs – that contain all of the additives required for processing, and combine the stabilizing properties of Baerostab® with the lubricating effect of Baerolub® products. In some cases, Baeropan® also determines the characteristics and quality of the finished product (functional additives), e.g. weather resistance, surface quality, impact resistance and color fastness. In most cases, there is no need to use additional additives.


The Baerostab® line of additives ensures the thermal stability of PVC. It can also support other specific requirements, such as UV resistance.


The Baerolub® line of lubricants reduces friction, and therefore supports the processing of PVC and other plastics. Lubricants are used to improve melt flow behavior. They comprise substances with varying degrees of polarity, and can contain functional groups including various alcohols, acids, esters and amides.

Products for non PVC applications (SPA)


The Baeropol® product line of customer-specific, polymer-free one-pack additive systems contains basic stabilizers for polymers, plus other additives required for unique customer applications. These low-dust/dust-free products are easy to dispense, require fewer processing steps and reduce complexity for the customer – minimizing the risk of production errors, and unlocking potential cost savings. Baeropol® additive blends are used by polymer manufacturers and plastics processing specialists.


The Baerophob® product line comprises hydrophobic agents which are based on oleochemicals, and are employed in the construction industry. Baerlocher offers a range of powder-based reactive and non-reactive hydrophobic agents for specific applications, including chipboards, special types of concrete, and mortar for plastering/rendering and masonry. Baerophob® products have a number of important benefits. For example, they are highly cost-efficient, easy to handle and process, highly sustainable, and feature good dispersibility – for robust, reliable water repellency.


The Baerocid® line of stearic acid products is derived from sustainable sources such as animal fats and vegetable oils. Baerocid® products are available in both liquid and solid forms, and are used to manufacture candles, surfactants, fatty alcohols and stearates, to name just a few examples. These products are also employed in the rubber, lubricants and textiles industries. Baerlocher has extensive hands-on experience in the processing of stearic acid – specifically, in the manufacture of metallic stearates (metal soaps) and additives for the plastics industry.


The Baerocin® product line comprises a range of glycerin products manufactured by Baerlocher. The key benefits of these products include high purity, colorlessness and a neutral odor. Baerocin® is only available in liquid form, and can be deployed as a heat-transfer fluid, a coolant or an anti-fogging agent, among other applications.

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Products for PVC Applications


customer-specific additive one-packs for PVC                                              


high performance PVC stabilizers 



Products for non PVC Applications (SPA)


customer specific additive blends for Polyolefins, Polystyrene, engineering plastics and rubber


hydrophobic agents


stearic acid



Zincum, Ceasit

Zinc-, Calcium-Soaps