• Improved polymer melt stability
  • Consistent resin processing
  • Long term part stability
  • Improved polymer color

BAEROPOL DRS (Dual Resin Stabilizer)

BAEROPOL DRS is a product that contains synergistic polymer stabilizer materials, that is provided in a low dust, homogeneous, easy to handle form. BAEROPOL DRS can be used as a 1:1 direct replacement for most phopshite polymer stabilizer applications. BAEROPOL DRS gives polyolefin resins and compounds improved melt stability, and enhanced final product performance in the form of increased part life. For natural parts, the yellow index is reduced. BAEROPOL DRS has excellent polymer solubility and hydrolytic stability. This product is suitable for a variety of applications including food packaging and regrind stabilization.
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Product forms

BAEROPOL DRS is available in sprayed prills that are easy to disperse and free-flowing.
  • SP Sprayed Prills

    • very low dusting
    • absolutely free flowing granules, compatible with powder blends
    • very high bulk density
    • high feeding accuracy
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