Lead Commodities


  • Pigmenting effect
  • No odour
  • No influence on Vicat
  • Excellent heat stability
  • High purity

Baerlocher offers a wide range of lead commodities, allowing customers to create their own formulation or modify existing recipes.

Till today, lead-based products are being used in many parts of the world to stabilize rigid PVC for the construction industry (e.g. pipes, fittings and profiles applications) and in flexible PVC, mainly for wires and cables.

Lead-based stabilizers’ cost/performance ratio and physical properties, in terms of excellent heat and light stability, good electrical resistance, excellent short and long-term mechanical properties and low water absorption, are still the materials of choice for many long life applications.

Lead Commodities

Chemical basis

Product name

Tribasic lead sulphate

Baerostab V 220 MC

Dibasic lead stearate

Baerostab Pb 51 S

Neutral lead stearate

Baerostab Pb 28 f

Dibasic lead phosphite

Baerostab Pebefos FP

  • MC Powder

    • small particles, high active surface area
    • good dispersability in final applications
    • good compatibility with powder blends
    • medium bulk density