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plastship and Baerlocher simplify selection of optimum additives for higher-performance plastic recyclates

By 2025, 10 million tons of recycled plastics are to be used in the production of new plastic products. This target has been set by the European Commission as part of its "Plastics Strategy". Increasing the proportion of recycled plastics is therefore one of the most pressing issues in the plastics industry.

A major challenge in the processing of recyclates is the performance and quality fluctuations of the materials. These still deter many plastics processors from using recycled plastics in their production. Special additives help to improve the processing properties of recyclates and optimize the quality of the end products. With its Baeropol T-Blend range, Baerlocher offers a broad spectrum of additives for a wide variety of applications in recycled plastics. The value of recyclates can thus be increased and their continued recyclability ensured. 

Selection of the ideal additives now quick and easy
Finding the right additives for a particular application was often complicated. The European industry platform plastship.com now makes this much easier and faster with the free-to-use Additive Selector. 

A number of recyclers already offer their recyclates in a wide range of qualities via plastship. After the selection of a recyclate, the Additive Selector enables the choice of matching additives from different manufacturers via a menu. In doing so, it predicts the properties of the selected material-additive combination. If necessary, the platform can also be used to contact specialists from the additive suppliers.

Data-driven approach reveals new opportunities
"By combining data on recycled plastics and the effect of additives, the Additive Selector provides valuable guidance to all producers and users of plastic recyclates," said Andreas Bastian, managing director of plastship. "This data-driven approach reveals opportunities for material streams that previously did not fit a particular application, plus it enables improved recyclate quality and new formulations – all to the benefit of the entire industry."

"We have been successfully supporting our customers in the upcycling of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste for years. To do this, we cooperate with technology providers, machinery and polyolefin manufacturers, processors, brand owners and industry associations with the aim of promoting the use of recycled polyolefins by improving quality and consistency." Holzer adds, "plastship now brings all these players together on one digital platform. This will accelerate the development of tailored additive solutions and helps to enable true circular product flows."