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Baerlocher relaunches Baerlocher Italia website

Baerlocher updated its global website in 2016, with a more responsive design. In line with the plan to convert all of its regional pages to this design, it is pleased to announce that the Baerlocher Italia page is the first to be implemented. This significantly improves the strength and the consistency of our brand, and it showcases our products and services, simply and efficiently. Within the new webpage, the Baerlocher Italia management is introduced, as well as the sales and technical team. Baerlocher Italia is the competence center for all liquid products within the Baerlocher Group and is one of the leading suppliers of Sn and liquid mixed-metal stabilizers for the PVC industry, based on several patented technologies. Users to the site are now able to access all information on products and services in a user-friendly manner.