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Baerlocher GmbH in Lingen (Germany) is IHK TOP Apprenticing Company

The production plant of Baerlocher in Lingen (Lower Saxony, Germany) was now awarded with the certificate “IHK TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb” (Chamber of Commerce prime apprenticing company)) by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) of the region. The prize recognizes the company's commitment to its apprenticeship training program. Wolfgang Paus, chairman of the IHK Apprenticeship Training Committee, presented the certificate Jan Lambers-Heerspink, HR manager at Baerlocher in Lingen. Germany provides training for many vocations through a program that combines apprenticeship and education. Apprentices spend three to four days a week at a company that provides vocational training, where the apprentices acquire the practical skills required for their field of work. The rest of the time, apprentices study the theoretical background for their future job at a vocational school. Explaining the value of the certification process, Paus said, “Facing a decline in student numbers and thus also of fewer applicants for dual training, the award to the IHK TOP Ausbildungsbetrieb is an excellent tool to attract the best specialists of tomorrow.” Jan Lambers-Heerspink, HR manager at Baerlocher in Lingen, added: “The certificate is a great evidence for the quality of our training. It proves that we are on the right track with our efforts to ensure a high-quality education for our junior staff. In addition to the technical skills, Baerlocher is particularly keen to convey the company´s values respect, integrity and excellence.” The IHK has developed a multistage process to identify the best training companies. The IHK conducts a final audit based on a comprehensive questionnaire, as well as consultation by the IHK training advisers. The certification indicates that the awarded company shows exceptionally commitment to enable young people to have a successful career. “The certificate is a strong and positive signal to the apprentices and their parents,” said Hans-Jürgen Falkenstein, vice general manager of the region’s IHK. He explained further advantages of the program by adding, “On the other hand, even companies with already high-quality training get new insights to optimize their training elements.”