Baerlocher announces the foundation of Baerlocher Kimya, based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company's mission is to provide further local support for the growing PVC market in Turkey.


Baerlocher begins the construction of a production plant in Akhisar, in the district of Mansia, and about 100 kilometers northeast of Izmir.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the Baerlocher production plant in Akhisar takes place on 3rd July 2014. The plant is supported by a “state of the art” technical application laboratory. The final completion of the Akhisar production plant project is achieved by the end of 2014. Baerlocher Kimya presents itself at the Plast Eurasia Fair 2014 in Istanbul for the first time.


The production plant of Baerlocher Kimya in Akhisar goes on stream.