Baerlocher GmbH Terms of Use 
and Data Protection Statement

1. General
Baerlocher GmbH grants the right to use this website solely on the basis of these terms of use and the data protection statement. These guidelines explain the procedures followed by Baerlocher GmbH when collecting and using data in accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act   (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Baerlocher GmbH does not lend or sell any user data to third parties, and ensures that your data is handled responsibly. Baerlocher GmbH records, processes and uses only such data as are necessary to enable it to meet its obligations. There is no further use of personal data for other purposes. You may on request inspect and correct any stored personal data relating to you. Baerlocher GmbH has taken measures using appropriate physical, electronic and organizational procedures to protect your data against loss, misuse or amendment. We will only send you further information or offers if you request us to do so. All information on the websites of Baerlocher GmbH is subject to copyright and other laws which protect intellectual property. It may not be copied for commercial purposes or further transmission or amended, and may not be used without the consent of Baerlocher GmbH. The content and design of the websites of Baerlocher GmbH are protected by copyright and may be amended or supplemented solely by authorized persons at the discretion of Baerlocher GmbH. Reproduction of the data and information they contain requires the prior written consent of Baerlocher GmbH.

2. Online application
You intend to submit an application to Baerlocher GmbH using the online application system. We would like to point out that you will, therefore, be required to submit personal information relating to yourself (supplied by yourself) and that this information will be processed (by Baerlocher GmbH). In order for this to occur in accordance with the law, your express consent to the processing and use of personal data must be given. We wish to inform you in advance of certain rules which are relevant to the use of the online application system accessible on the Internet and all data and services relating to it. Please read through them carefully before using the online application procedure. If you do not consent to this procedure or aspects of it, you should refrain from making an online application. If you do consent to it, however, please endorse the statements contained in the section entitled “Confirmation/Consent”.

3. Handling of personal data by the departments involved
As a matter of principle, Baerlocher GmbH attaches major importance to the protection of personal data. This is all the more true with regard to an application procedure in which applicants disclose sensitive personal data. Baerlocher GmbH undertakes to comply with the statutory requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act. Online applications can be processed only if certain basic conditions are met: As an applicant, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms of use of the online application system by: 

  • submitting only information that is due and proper for your application,
  • not masquerading as another person,
  • only supplying truthful information,
  • not knowingly inputting data which is infected with viruses or similar malware;
  • consenting to the processing of the personal data you input for the purposes of making an application to our company.

4. Use of data
The personal data you supply to us is used solely for internal purposes (the application/selection procedure). Upon completion of the respective selection procedure, these data are deleted. If there is currently no vacancy corresponding to your application but your profile seems consistent with other possible vacancies, your application will, with your consent, be stored in the applicant database for a period of up to 12 months, after which it will be deleted. However, you may request that your data be deleted at any time.

5. Liability
5.1 Liability on the part of Baerlocher GmbH - for whatever reason - shall arise only if any loss incurred: 

  • is the result of a culpable breach of an essential obligation (cardinal obligation) in a manner which prejudices fulfillment of the purpose of the contract, or
  • is attributable to gross negligence or intent.

5.2 In particular, Baerlocher GmbH does not assume any responsibility:

  • for the success or failure of online applications;
  • for its website and server being free from computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms;
  • for the content of its website being correct, complete and up-to-date.

5.3 The user is liable for all detriments to Baerlocher GmbH arising from the misuse or illegal use of the website or from the fact that the user culpably fails to meet his/her obligations under these terms of use or the data protection statement.

5.4 If a third-party claim is filed against Baerlocher GmbH as a result of a breach of duty on the part of the user, the user must release Baerlocher GmbH from all claims or pay compensation to it.

6. Confirmation/Consent
I have taken note of the information, terms of use and data protection statement relating to the online application system. Personal information relating to me, which I am submitting in an online application form, will be transferred to the online application system in encrypted form. The applicant, as the person inputting data, is alone responsible for data integrity. The personal data which I have entered in the online application form will be processed and used solely within Baerlocher GmbH. The purpose of processing and utilization of personal data supplied by me is limited to the internal application process, as defined by Baerlocher GmbH. Once the purpose of the applicant’s personal data has been met, the data will be deleted in compliance with the requirements of data protection law.