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Baerlocher mit starker Präsenz auf Plastic Pipes XVII

Dover, OH, 11. September 2014 - Vom 22.-24. September 2014 findet in Chicago die XVII International Plastic Pipes Conference statt. Der Veranstalter erwartet 500 Teilnehmer aus 40 Ländern, die sich über die neuesten Trends und Technologien in der Entwicklung, Testung, Installation und dem Betrieb von Kunststoffrohr-Systemen informieren wollen. Baerlocher, Gold-Sponsor der diesjährigen Konferenz, wird mit einem Stand vertreten sein. Darüber hinaus wird Udo Anders, Technical Product Manager PVC Additives für den Rohrbereich bei Baerlocher, einen Vortrag über weltweite Trends für PVC-Rohre und den Status der verschiedenen Stabilisatorsysteme halten. (Weiter in englischer Sprache)

With regard to the production of PVC pipes and their stabilization, the U.S. pipe market is still dominated by tin-based stabilizers. In comparison, Ca-based stabilizers offer a number of advantages. As a result, they are standard in Europe, and the South American pipe market is on the change to Ca-based stabilizers.

Baerlocher has been the main protagonists worldwide in the development and establishment of sustainable Ca-based stabilizers. In his speech, Dr. Udo Anders, Technical Product Manager PVC Additives for Pipes at Baerlocher, will explain the differences in markets and technologies as well as the cost drivers.

At booth 1 in hall Zurich, the team of Baerlocher USA will be available to inform visitors about the company´s innovative additive solutions for the production of PVC pipes. “As a leading supplier of innovative additives for the production of PVC pipes, the Plastic Pipes Conference is one of the most important industry events for Baerlocher”, states Rainer Grasmück, Head of PVC Additives Asia & Americas. “The pipe market is one of the most important and promising segments for Baerlocher in the United States.”

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About Baerlocher:
The Baerlocher group of companies is a leading supplier of additives for the plastics industry. Its offering includes a very broad range of stabilizers as well as other additives for all polymer applications.

Characteristics of Baerlocher are strong customer and employee orientation, as well as innovation and sustainability. Continued leadership in innovation is demonstrated by Baerlocher’s support to the PVC industry in the transition from Lead- to Calcium-based stabilizers as well as by the innovative lubricant systems for wood plastic composites.

Baerlocher is committed to the principles of responsible care. The company maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and its environmental management system complies with ISO 14001. Baerlocher is involved in a variety of activities, both in industry and in society. It plays an active role in trade associations and also provides opportunities for apprenticeships in various business areas.
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