Manage­ment Assistant

Areas of Responsibility

Industrial business managers work in many different sectors. This highly qualified career offers a wide variety of opportunities across many departments within a company.

The Baerlocher training course is designed to impart business knowledge from a wide range of departments. Trainees learn to use computers and modern communication tools, improve their foreign language skills and increase their organizational abilities – in order to meet deadlines, you need to be able to organize and plan. Future areas of employment include production and material management, human resources management, and sales and accounting, where you will be able to put into practice the skills and abilities you have gained during your training.
Industrial business managers assistant process contract and shipping documents and manage the production process, incoming goods and warehousing. In terms of sales, they work on calculations and price lists and supervise sales negotiations with customers, thus playing a key role in selling the company’s products and services. When it comes to accounting and business finance, they process, book and manage all activities. They generally work in departments that are responsible for administrative tasks.

Trainee comments

Sara, 17
Industrial Management Assistant
“As an Industrial Management Assistant at Baerlocher, I will be involved in providing active support in a wide range of departments, including Accounting, Purchasing, Shipping and Human Resources. Spending time in so many departments will allow me to learn about and better understand the ins and outs of the company, from service contracts to annual balance sheets.”

An overview of your training course at Baerlocher

Core Areas of focus

Purchasing, stocking and logistics

Human resources management and career training

Accounting activities, cost accounting

Financing and management accounting

Income statement and financial statement

Marketing and sales

Business processes and markets

Quality management

Specialist responsibilities

Status, legal form and structure of the training company

Information, communication, work organization

Safety and health protection at work, as well as environmental protection

Duration of Training Course

The industrial business manager dual course takes three years. Exceptional performance can shorten the length of the course.

Training Location

Lingen/Ems a. Unterschleißheim­/Munich

Additional Training Options

University of cooperative education, business economics with bachelor degree

Industry specialist (IHK)

Accountant (IHK)

Academy of administration and business

Employee Benefits

30 days of vacation per year

Extra vacation payment

Christmas gratification/bonus

Company pension scheme

Cafeteria meals at reduced prices


Good mathematics, German and English skills

Must enjoy working with computers

Contact person Unterschleißheim

Ms. Kirsten Müller
M |

Contact person Lingen/Ems

Ms. Annette Klaashaus
M |

Trainee Clip

Angelos, Nils and Fabio and their way to Baerlocher
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